The Proper Way Of Taking Turmeric


When it comes to Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric powder is generally used as a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent in order to help with speeding up the healing process for wounds. In fact, turmeric is widely used in India, but recently the Western world has also learned about its benefits and currently there are many people who are using it for the same purposes as the Indians. 

Where to get it from

If you're looking of the best quality turmeric, then it's recommended you only get it from the internet from reputable sellers. For instance, on websites such as not only are you guaranteed to get your hands on the real deal, but at the same time you're also going to get it for a great price. Since it is mad in the United States, contains BioPerine which greatly improve absorption and contains highly potent antioxidants, you're going to easily speed up the healing process of your wounds and also reduce pain from conditions such as arthritis. 

The type you should consider 

It's very important that you always get ground or whole turmeric from your local health food stores and double check that you're getting your hands on pure turmeric and not the kind that has already been mixed into a curry. On the other hand, if you do choose to go for whole turmeric, then you'll need to consider grounding it finely by using an electric grinder.

Drinking turmeric

Drinking turmeric is simple and in order to prepare a drink you need to consider mixing one spoon of it with a cup of warmed milk. Now depending on your preferences you can also go ahead and add a spoon of honey in order to sweeten it up a bit. According to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, honey and turmeric are very effective against asthma and anemia. 

Foods you can add turmeric to 

There are many foods you can cook and then add turmeric in order to make them taste better and some of them include stews, rice based dishes, fish and many more. For instance, you could saute a serving of vegetables and then add some turmeric in order to improve their taste and flavor. After that, you can also go ahead and season it with pepper, salt and add some olive oil as well. The result is going to be an amazingly delicious dish that is not only a pleasure to eat, but is very healthy as well.